How To Become An SAP Consultant In Just 6 Months And Start Earning US$120K Per Year?

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Why You Need to Change Your Career to SAP?

1. Before you choose a career, it is best to take a step backwards and analyze which career can offer you the best rewards.
2. The effort to dig a water well and an oil well may be the same, however the returns you get out of the oil well are multifold compared to what you can get out of a water well!
3. Hence the moral of the story is to put all your efforts into the career which can reward you the most!
4. Based on the above wisdom, without a doubt SAP is the most rewarding career you can imagine, so invest all your energy here and reap unthinkable benefits throughout your life!

So Tell Me What is SAP?

5. SAP is an Accounting Software used by 90% of the Fortune 500 companies.
6. Trained consultants are required to setup and train end users to utilize the SAP system effectively.
7. Once the SAP system is setup, consultants are still required to solve system issues for as long as SAP is used by the companies.
8. SAP consultants are the highest paid in the entire IT industry.
9. They are paid at least $120,000 US dollars per year all around the world.
10. SAP consultants in a contract job, will earn more than double what permanent consultants are paid.

What Prerequisite Is Needed To Start My SAP Career?

11. You can start your SAP career from any educational background, as is not considered in any SAP interviews.
12. What matters most to the interviewer is how many years of experience you have in SAP.
13. Therefore, even if you don’t have an IT background, stop worrying about it and just start your SAP training right away!
14. Both fresh graduates and working adults can start their SAP career since working experience is NOT a must. Even if you have, it is just an added advantage.

Where Can I Get Quality SAP Training?

15. There are many onsite training institutes in your country where you can get SAP training.
16. However, the main problem with onsite training institutes is, you cannot get the training repeated if you need a refresher after some time.
17. In any learning process, repeated learning is very crucial to understand the subject matter thoroughly.
How the human brain learns a new subject?
18. The human brain will always be surprised with new subjects when they are first taught.
19. However, as you repeat the learning process on the same subject you will realize the subject become clearer and clearer during each iteration.
20. This theory is scientifically proven that to master any subjects you have to just repeat the learning process on the same subject multiple times till you understand it well.
21. There is no human brain on earth which can resist to learn a subject, no matter how difficult it may be, it is just a matter of increasing the number of iterations of the learning process to get the brain to finally learn the subject well.
22. The moral of the story is, it is just a question of whether you have the patience and time to go through the N number of iterations, which is not infinite anyway!
23. Going by this principle of iterated learning process, the onsite training method will clearly fail since to get a repeated training you will need to pay all the fees once again!
24. Therefore we recommend the use of our SAP training videos to repeat the training classes as many times as you want till you understand the subject without having to pay the fees again and again.
25. You pay only once to own the videos and you can repeatedly watch them till you master the subject!

The Learning Process

26. Buy Our SAP training module videos based on your education background and working knowledge.
27. If you are an Accounting professional pondering how to become an sap certified FI/CO functional consultant, please check our FI/CO module.
28. Engineering professionals can go for MM or PP modules.
29. Sales professionals can buy SD module.
30. IT professionals can try out ABAP, BASIS, BW/BI or HANA modules.
31. Our videos will explain the SAP concepts in very simple terms that anyone can understand.
32. Although there are many complex topics in SAP that even the experienced SAP consultants are struggling to understand, we have broken down the complexities as much as possible to very small topics so that it is very easy to explain.
33. As quoted by Einstein, “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
34. Therefore, all are our videos are prepared by experienced consultants with this key objective in mind.
35. We have only engaged consultants who can explain the concepts in very simple terms after stringent interview process.
36. Watch the videos again and again repeatedly multiple times to get the hang of the subject. If you watch it only once, it will not reach your deep mind for sure.
37. After watching a video, immediately watch it for a second or third time till you memorize each of the subject taught.
38. The more you repeat a video the more you will understand the video subject as we have rightfully explained about how the human brain works on learning process.
39. Then move to the next video and watch multiple times as well.
40. Once you have watched all the videos, repeat from first video all over again for thorough understanding.
41. You will notice after each repetition of watching the videos your knowledge will improve slowly and get deeper into the subject matter iteration by iteration.
42. This process will take at least 3 months for each module, be patient and go through it.
43. If you are going to watch the video only once, then it will be of no use to you, hence don’t even think about taking up an SAP career if you do not have the patience and time, we really mean it!
44. Now you will be ready to attend the SAP exam and get yourself certified. Please attend the exam and get yourself certified.
45. There is a debate going on in the SAP world whether to get certified or not, but our answer is Yes you should get certified simply because we want you to stand out among those who did not.
46. SAP certification has been used as a launch pad by many new comers to jump into the SAP consulting world.

So After All Said and Done, How To Get A SAP consultant Job As A Fresher?

47. Now comes, the toughest part which is to look for a SAP job for what you have studied.
48. The hard truth we would like to share on this is, 99% of the SAP employers will only look for experienced consultants and will not offer a job for a fresher!
49. Wait a minute, in that case how are you going to get a job then since you have just studied SAP and have no experience yet?
50. No worries, there is a little trick you need to play here to get over with this hurdle.
51. For a moment, think why the employers do not offer a job to the fresher?
52. They simply do not want to spend money to train a fresher to become a consultant because this will become a cost to them instead of an income.
53. So you just need address their main concern which is to offer yourself as an income for them instead of a cost.
54. Just look for a SAP consulting company to offer yourself to work for free for them for at least 2 years. No employer will refuse to accept a free service at no cost to them!
55. We are really being serious here that until and unless you are willing to work for free, you can never start your SAP career. So please think twice if you can be income less for 2 years at least.
56. You may have to fax your resume with your cover letter to various SAP consulting companies to inform them of your wish to work for free for them.
57. Some companies will hire you and still pay you a meager salary since it will be reputation issue if they do not pay you a salary, so if that happens you may have struck your first luck in your SAP journey!
58. Once you get a trainee consultant job, please offer to take up a project role because you can learn the maximum only in a project and not in a support role.
59. Stay in your first job for at least 2 years till you learn enough and get your hands dirty with a real-time project.
60. After 1 or 2 projects, you will be ready to resign and start applying for paid SAP consulting jobs!
61. Many SAP consultants out there have started their SAP career in this way with a humble beginning and later on became an expert consultant by mastering more than one module.
62. We wish you good luck to your SAP career!

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