Our resellers can earn a 40% commission by selling our products. To become a reseller, simply use the form below to generate your reseller code using your Paypal email address through which you will receive your commissions. You can advertise this reseller code to your customers, either through a banner on your website or through telephone and email conversations with them. Your customers will then use this reseller code to enjoy a 5% discount upon placing their order with us. We then pay you a 40% commission based on the reseller code used by your customers. It's a win-win situation, all the way around!

Important Policy : To safeguard against fraud and misuse, we will pay the reseller commission only for the second sale onwards. Hence for the first sale you make, you will NOT get your commission, however your first customer will still receive his/her 5% discount. The commission will be paid only after we conduct our internal verification of the transaction which will take 15 days to complete.

Here is the reseller program workflow :-

1) Register as a reseller.
2) Share your reseller code to your customers and inform them that they will get a 5% discount for their orders with us if they use this reseller coupon.
3) Your reseller code can be used as a discount coupon by your customers.
4) They have to enter the discount coupon in the "Notes to seller" section when they place their order in the Paypal payment page.
5) Upon seeing the coupon code in the Paypal transaction, our sales team will refund 5% back to the customer as a sales discount.
6) We will also identify the reseller from the coupon code because both shares the same number.
7) We will pay the commission to the respective reseller accordingly after doing our internal verification within 15 days.

Please contact us for more information on becoming a reseller.

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