SAP ABAP Training By Trainer 4

SAP ABAP Training By Trainer 4

SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a high-level programming language for developing applications for the SAP, The syntax of ABAP is somewhat similar to COBOL, The programming language is ABAP Responsible for development and modification of SAP applications, and still to this day is responsible for this. R/3 system, SAP and ABAP abstract the DB and run atop various underlying DBMSs.

The following topics are included in SAP ABAP Training:

Introduction to ERP (SAP):

German company SAP has developed enterprise resource planning software SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), the program incorporates the key business functions of an organization. The latest version (SAP ERP 6.0) was made available in 2006. The most recent Enhancement Package (EHP7) for SAP ERP 6.0 was released in 2013.

Modularization Techniques:

All ABAP programs consist of units, and those units exist within the structure and made up of processing blocks. There are two kinds of processing blocks, first, that are called from outside a program by the ABAP runtime system, second that can be called by ABAP statements in ABAP programs.

The modularization of ABAP programs vary in (event blocks, dialog modules) and (procedures, source code modules), Characterized modularization in event blocks and dialog modules by general execution of ABAP programs, while Characterized modularization in procedures and source code modules by improving the readability and maintainability, prevention of redundancies, reusability of functions, and the encapsulation of data.

Classical Reports:

Classical reports are non-interactive reports; they include the most basic ABAP reports that contain both selection screen and an output screen. They are carried out based on events, and not executed on a line-by-line basis and they consist of one program that creates a single list.

ALV Report:

Sap provides a set of ALV (ABAP LIST VIEWER) function modules, which can be put into use to embellish the output of a report. This set of ALV functions is used to enhance the readability and functionality of any report output. Cases arise in sap when the output of a report contains columns extending more than 255 characters in length.

In such cases, this set of ALV functions can help choose selected columns and arrange the different columns from a report output and also save different variants for report display. This is a very efficient tool for dynamically sorting and arranging the columns from a report output. The report output can contain up to 90 columns in the display with the wide array of display options.

BDC (Batch Data Communication):

The SAP System allows Data transfer in an effective manner; there are two ways to transfer data to the system from SAP Systems and non-SAP Systems. And these methods collectively called â??batch inputâ?? or â??batch data communicationâ?? (BDC).

Features of Both BDC methods are implementing regular and simple operations in the SAP system; however, can BDC execute transactions automatically, where it can deal with the data of any size electronically.

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