SAP APO Training

SAP APO Training

German company SAP has provided many of the tools and systems to meet the changes and challenges of the market. These tools are capable to manage organizations in an effective manner, as these tools are fully integrated. Among the developments issued by SAP are Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO).

Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO) it is a set of software applications that have been developed by SAP, supply chain management. Since the production of Advanced Planner and Optimizer SAP company, it is subject to the basics of SAP pre-set, where he was determined to help the company to improve production planning, pricing, scheduling, and product shipping.

With the changes that occur in the markets, certainly changes in customer needs and demand, and customer satisfaction should always provide what they need from the requirements. So it comes the role of Advanced Planner and Optimizer. Its main function is to see updates from retailers at the moment about customer demand. Through updates already know can access the stimuli demand It can change the password updates with the word "demand triggers" that take into account many complex variables, such as the delivery schedule of raw materials and productions cycles, to forecast the right amount of product mix the company will need to meet future customer demands. Advanced Planner and Optimizer can be integrated with the SAP R/3 and legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

SAP APO (Advanced Planner and Optimizer) consists of eight application levels: network design, demand planning, supply network planning, production planning and detailed scheduling, global availability, transportation planning and vehicle scheduling, and supply chain collaboration.

This topic is one of the topics that included in SAP APO Training:

Lifecycle Planning.

The life cycle of a product is made up of several different phases such as launch, growth, maturity, and stop. It is possible that the role of the stages of life be a launch, growth, and stop only. As we are used from SAP to provide a lot of tools to facilitate dealing with the needs of the market and then the client's needs and the tools provided by SAP product life cycle that where it is possible to build a model of the product life cycle in expected demand planning.

For example, if it was necessary to enter the already existing product in a certain area in another area. In this case it is possible to use such account to use historical data from existing sites to create expectations. And then use those stages in the account to reduce expectations in the introductory period.

Applying the above information about the life cycle planning on SAP APO system; we find that the life cycle planning in the Advanced Planner and Optimizer system contains two main functions modeling and phase-in /phase-out modeling; when the work of expectations in both the level of detail or the macro level, we find that these two functions are available in two phases.

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