SAP Banking Training

SAP Banking Training

Matters relating to cash and bank of any company are very sensitive. Cases of fraud often revolve around the money that entities hold at banks. Moreover, mismanagement of funds held at bank accounts of companies and lack of adequate planning on cash flows can bring the operations of a company to a standstill. SAP for Banking is an ideal ERP solution that helps companies manage multiple bank accounts, project cash flows on a regular basis, predict payment cycles and anticipate funding levels.

The Importance Of SAP Banking Training
SAP Banking Training is designed to equip you with a comprehensive skill set needed in the SAP for Banking solution. You will be better placed to deliver faster and more cost effective initial implementation of the module than other SAP consultants without training in SAP for Banking. End-users will find it easier to interact with you as you will be more familiar with their specific needs. The SAP Banking curriculum combines business, academic and technical skills to broaden your understanding in the theory and application of SAP for Business in the real world.

Topics To Expect Under The SAP Banking Training

SAP for Banking is highly dynamic given the constant changes in business practices. You should therefore expect to hear of new releases. There are, however 6 core topics that will remai relevant to the SAP for Banking solution.


The 6 core topics include :-

1. Banking Overview & Manual Bank Process
This topic will offer you a broad overview of the banking system and the manual bank process. You will get to learn how the cash held at banks by companies help them run their day to day operations.

2. Automatic Bank Process Configuration
The Automatic Bank Process Configuration topic will help you understand how SAP for Business has helped companies move from the manual bank process to the automatic bank process. SAP for Business is a platform that allows automation of current accounts, savings deposits, loans and securities among other banking products used by companies. Ultimately, you will be able to configure this automation.

3. Check Management
Check Management under SAP for Business is particularly useful to companies that regularly request, block, unblock and delete checks. This topic will help you address the various challenges that companies face while writing and cancelling checks in an ERP system.

4. Automatic Payment Run
This topic will help you understand how the real-time processing of checking accounts, current accounts, time deposits and savings bonds works under SAP for Banking. You will also be able to learn how companies can automatically create invoices and make payments.

5. Cash Journal
SAP for Business contains a refined cash management solution. This topic will help you understand this solution through the cash journal.

6. Bank Reconciliation
Your mastery of the Bank Reconciliation topic will make you in high demand as companies often perform bank reconciliations on a monthly basis. Traditionally, this has been a very time-consuming and ineffective endeavour. With SAP for Banking however, the entire process of matching items in the bank statement and in the cash books is automated. This way, bank reconciliations are efficient and effective.

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