SAP Basis Training By Trainer 2

SAP Basis Training By Trainer 2

SAP has provided many solutions to many of the companies in order to facilitate the management of its heights, and a competitive advantage to meet the challenges experienced by any company. Who knows the importance of SAP in the companies and the extent provided for possible solutions to make the company in competition with the rest of the companies have a curiosity about learning more about these system technologies and is therefore must learn about the basis of SAP.

Working with SAP system requires a lot of effort to manage the operations and therefore requires more workers who for many functions, such as (to install, configure, update, patch, deportation, and the discovery of any technical problem), so dealing with the basis of SAP is not a thing easy because of the enormous tasks that they them, to connect the system to the end user properly.

When looking deeply into the SAP system, we find that it consists of three specific parts, such as a special part of technical operations and part of a special operations and part of Applied Special Offer operations.

This topic is one of the topics that included in this course:

System Maintenance.

The SAP software is largely maintained using support packages, a support package is a set of corrections for errors in ABAP programs, these corrections are usually ready available as SAP Notes. Support package bundles the corrections that have been provided over a period of time in a consolidated package. Functional enhancements give SAP additional functional features and are less common. Support packages are specific for products, releases and components, because components are tied with each other it is important to make sure to apply all packages and the correct ones, to resolve these conflicts SAP uses support package stacks, which contain compatible kernel and support package versions for all components in a system, make sure you use this the support package stacks instead of individually applying support packages in isolation.

When should you apply these packages, most companies will have a patch procedure and the SAP system should be part of this process, basically you should install the patches when they come out (most companies may only apply packages every 6 or 12 months or even only when they get a problem that the packages will fix) but they should be applied in order in your environment (DEV first then QA then Production), and with at least a week between environments this means that by the time you get to Production the packages have been fully test.

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