SAP BI Training By Trainer 1

SAP BI Training By Trainer 1

Owns business intelligence tools through which the production of integrated business information and the applications that are relevant to SAP, and features business providing reporting and analysis of data and information smarter and also flexible tools to support the evaluation and interpretation of the data, as well as to facilitate the distribution, which allows companies to make decisions in a clear and healthy environment.

The following topics are included in the course:

Master data.

In a business intelligence environment, the master data documents Illustrate the change of business information over the years, for example in the case of a document key data for customers, the business intelligence system may record all customer data that have been treated with different addresses, Master data in an operational business transaction environment documents current information about an organizationâ??s key business entities such as customers, locations, and products.

If the company decided to re-distribute areas Company or add other distribution areas, here comes the role of master data in a business intelligence environment, Where they are based prediction information through data analysis, and the company must you create a new master data to reflect the new organization sales, forecasting comes through a combination of new master data and sales history.

Info Providers:

Generic term for BI objects into which data is loaded or that display views of data. You analyze this data in BEx queries.

Info Providers are different meta objects in the data basis that can be seen within query definition as uniform data providers. Their data can be analyzed in a uniform way. The type of data staging and the degree of detail or "proximity" to the source system in the data flow diagram differs from Info Provider to Info Provider. However, in the BEx Query Designer, they are seen as uniform objects.

Net Weaver Business Warehouse:

SAP Business Intelligence Platform benefit information design tool for creating links to SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse data to generate data structures for consumption by report tools.

Business Intelligence Offers two ways to work with linked Business Warehouse data warehouses the first is for Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) data bases with a middleware called engine Business Warehouse Business Intelligence Business Warehouse BI Consumer Services (BICS) that has no universe or semantic layer.

BICS Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) connections directly access the Business Warehouse Data with Web Intelligence (Webi) reporting tools; Webi generates the necessary Meta layer it requires to access Business Warehouse data directly. This connection method is the recommended best practice and offers the best performance.

The second methodis for creating a relational connection to Business Warehouse data with a java connector. This generates a universe schema that will be published and used by reporting tools. This option is only to be used if universe customization is needed. The use of this method requires the use of the Multisource universe layer and because this adds an additional connection layer, itwill negatively impact performance.

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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Info Providers Extraction and Loading Data Source Systems NetWeaver BW Business Explorer DFx Performance and Monitoring Analysis

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