SAP BI Training By Trainer 5

SAP BI Training By Trainer 5

Business Intelligence can analyze and interpret the data, and industry reports, which gives the company a competitive advantage through high efficiency analysis of decisions and Business Intelligence covers a lot of aspects when making a decision, features business providing reporting and analysis of data and information smarter and also flexible tools to support the evaluation and interpretation of the data.

SAP Business Warehouse provides a competitive advantage for companies by improving processes and full preparedness to meet market changes he is performing the analysis and interpretation of data and also can convert and integrate and unify the relevant applications of SAP business information, and can provide high-performance infrastructure that helps to assess and interpret information, Making it easier for decision makers to make decisions efficiently to achieve the desired goals, SAP Business Warehouse (BW) is part of the overall SAP Net Weaver platform. In the overall SAP Net Weaver documentation prior to SAP NetWeaver 7.4, BW is referred to as SAP Net Weaver Business Warehouse.

The following topics are included in the course:

Master Data:

Master data are contain any static data does not change over a period of time, such as the customer's name and personal characteristics of each of these features can be stored in SAP standard info types as records with specific validity which are called master data.

If the company decided to re-distribute areas Company or add other distribution areas, here comes the role of master data in a business intelligence environment, Where they are based prediction information through data analysis, and the company must you create a new master data to reflect the new organization sales, forecasting comes through a combination of new master data and sales history.

Master Data Types:


Attributes are Info Objects that are logically subordinate to a characteristic. You cannot select attributes in the query.


You can create text descriptions for master data or load text descriptions for master data into BI. Texts are stored in a text table.


A hierarchy serves as a context and structure for a characteristic according to individual sort criteria.

Multi Provider:

A Multi Provider is a type of Info Provider that combines data from a number of Info Providers and makes it available for analysis purposes. The Multi Provider itself does not contain any data. Its data comes entirely from the Info Providers on which it is based. These Info Providers are connected to one another by a union operation; A Multi Provider can consist of different combinations of the following Info Providers: Info Cube, Data Store object, Info Object, Info Set, Virtual Provider, and aggregation level.

These objects are data collection in Multi Provider using A union operation, The system to build a united group of a set of data, and are grouped among all these values from these data sets. As a comparison: Info Sets are created using joins. These joins only combine values that appear in both tables. In contrast to a union, joins form the intersection of the tables.

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