SAP CRM Technical Training

SAP CRM Technical Training

Organizations today face a lot of challenges to their survival in the market, we must focus on the assets most of their value, customers are among the assets of high value in the companies, and is seeking companies to attract new customers while retaining existing customers and maximize the effectiveness of each client, and that through sales, service or marketing. So it was to be a SAP company creates customer relationship management system (CRM) software.

The following topics are included in SAP CRM Technical Training:

Web Client UI:

With the CRM Web Client UI, SAP AG delivers a harmonized online user interface. The Web Client UI Where displays of rules and roles based on the workspace, which allows the user to navigate through the interface easily and thus the user interface is easy to use, and therefore are considered specifically designed for the business user.

Container Block Object:

The CRM Container Block Is a compilation of the blocks with each other in place of the so-called container, it is possible to include the container on the blocks and other containers. An example of a Container block is a linked search panel and related list. This block contains the standard Sage CRM buttons: Change/Save, Delete, and Continue. And allow containers blocs add buttons to workflow, if the need arises, the buttons are shown only once on the container block and then applied to all the internal blocks.

Containers blocks containing at least p buttons for them and stable jobs, but if it is called to add more of it or add other buttons it can do so. The CRM Container Block can be used as a wrapper for other blocks if you want to put more than one block on the screen at a time.

The Execute function on a block takes only one argument. When the Container Block is executed it passes its argument onto all its items as they are executed in turn. If it is required for item blocks in a Container Block to have different arguments for their Execute functions, their arguments can be set individually by setting the ArgObj property on each item block and not passing in any argument to the Container.


GENIL is the generic interaction layer is a layer allows you to access the business logic which is in turn is in the Business object. If we compared with Business object layer â??BOLâ??, Generic interaction layer â??GENILâ?? and the Web UI, We find that it can both Business object layer â??BOLâ?? and Generic interaction layer â??GENILâ?? the use of scenarios, In the event that the user wants to implement the Web service to bring some data but is using the Web user interface scenario, In this case can be dispensed with Business object layer â??BOLâ?? and focus only on Generic interaction layer â??GENILâ??, At can deal directly with GENIL layers to bring unintended data. In case of Web UI scenarios, we would need to use both GENIL & BOL Layers.

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