SAP Crystal Reports Advanced Training

SAP Crystal Reports Advanced Training

The goal of any organization is to meet their users' needs in all possible ways, so it is seeking all of the company's applications and web developers to integrate the processing power that characterized the Crystal Reports with their databases in order to meet all the needs of our users. It features Crystal Reports support for many programming languages commonly used, so it is easy to add and thus it is considered a powerful tool designed to help everyone who is interested in analyzing and interpreting information.

The following topics are included in SAP Crystal Reports Advanced Training:

Triggering a Report Alert:

Alarm reports are important reports of any organization, where she can call the rare values, and are not only doing it where it can be achieved by using conditional formatting. I've mentioned the importance of alarm reports if it was dealt with on its own but with added to the Crystal Reports It adds a lot of features which allow for more interactive identification of key data. And give the end user the image to make the decision. And alarm reports are released when a certain condition has been developed before, when you add alarm reports to Crystal Reports and the occurrence of this condition, the alarm reports start scurrying, even allows the user to take action.

Be the modus operandi of alarm reports as follows: where are attracting the end user when agreed upon occurrence of the condition, and the end-user focus attention on relevant data through the dual functions, and thus be a source of increasing user efficiency.

Conclusion, he reports the alarm is triggered when processing is complete reports, and when a condition that has been developed before, the condition is verified. If it is true it will launch alert reports the end user.


It is important to view the data Whom It May Concern, in the case of large companies also have data is huge, in this case it would be difficult to read and draw conclusions and make decisions, so comes the role of graphs that clarify the purpose of the data in a simple, but they are colorful they are attractive to users, so they are scattered to summarize data and easily read and then take the right decisions, This course will explain the steps to create graphs for use in reporting fees, and there are several designs and types of graphic display, and each has a specific data appropriate graphs, and there are several types of master plans (A 3D Riser charts and 3D Surface charts).

A 3D Riser chart The data are presented through three-dimensional objects, and the width of the data together, and features that characterize this graph is the possibility to display the data differences with ease, for example (the differences between sales by customer by country).

3D Surface charts the main objective of using it without the rest of the other charts, it displays the data in a visually dynamic and relational format, it is appropriate if it was supposed each client sales presentation, according to the region to which it belongs.

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