How SAP Education Can Help Beginners To Get Started With A Career In SAP

With the growing number of SAP customers and SAP suppliers, the demand of certified SAP consultants who have completed SAP Education courses has risen. SAP customers want to be served by consultants who are not only skilled but also knowledgeable. SAP suppliers on the other hand want to see proper standards attained by users of their products hence the need for SAP consultants with SAP Education to ensure that these standards are attained. It is therefore crucial for those venturing into the SAP world to have the proper SAP Education. We shall take a peek at what SAP Education can do to boost your career in SAP.

Overview Of SAP Education

SAP Education refers to the training in the various functional and technical SAP modules. Functional SAP modules include SAP FI, SAP CO, SAP MM, SAP SD, SAP PP and SAP HR just to mention a few. Technical SAP modules include SAP ABAP and SAP Basis. The SAP Education curriculum combines business, academic and technical skills to broaden the understanding of prospective SAP consultants in the theory and application of SAP in various business processes. The following are the various ways in which SAP Education can help you as a beginner kick start your career in SAP.

You Will Have Global Recognition

With SAP Education, you will have the credentials to serve customers and suppliers in not only your home country but also a myriad of other countries in the world. SAP Certification is one of the few technology certification programs with global recognition. You are therefore guaranteed to have credibility all over the world on obtaining SAP Education. This is certainly optimal return for your investment in SAP Education.

You Will Boost Your Chances Of Landing That Great Job

A lot of argument has been put out there on the importance of SAP Certification as opposed to relevant SAP experience in getting a job. When you narrow down on the crux of the matter in the argument, you will notice that it is just argument for argument’s sake; fluff material without lingering meaning. Although it is crucial to have experience in SAP, this experience is utterly useless when not complemented with SAP Education if you are looking to land that great job. Most of the consultants with 2 or so years of experience in SAP are often forced to go back to school to obtain necessary SAP Education as the complexity of their assignments increase. To increase your chances of landing a great job, you should therefore consider getting SAP Education before/ while undertaking on-the-job SAP training.

You Will Be Paid Better With SAP Education

It is no random coincidence that SAP professionals with relevant SAP Education are better remunerated compared to their counterparts without relevant SAP Education. Such professionals often lie in the $60,000 to $80,000 monthly salary bracket. With relevant experience, such professionals boast of earnings in the tune of $95,000 per month and above. Although employers consider several factors in determining remuneration packages of SAP consultants, SAP Certification will invariably have greater weight in their consideration. SAP Certification will also increase your chances of promotion and career advancement. Independent SAP consultants with relevant SAP Certification credentials also report winning more contracts on average than those who are not duly certified.

You Will Obtain Due Recognition And Respect

SAP AG, the leading provider of SAP ERP software has designed SAP Certification in such a way that only those candidates who showcase sheer hard work and determination get to succeed. Very few people end up obtaining SAP Certification. You therefore stand to be duly respected and recognized in the SAP world with SAP Certification.

SAP Education Will Help You Improve Your SAP Skills

There is no better way to sharpen your SAP skills than going back to the books and revisiting the technical aspects of what you practice on a day to day basis. To pass your SAP Certification exams, you must exhibit a proper understanding of SAP.  SAP Certification will therefore force you to learn a lot of material that will build a solid foundation so as to anticipate for and have solutions to the various challenges you will face in your SAP career.

You Will Exhibit Improve Job Performance

There is no better thing in your career than to love what you do. Many SAP professionals get discouraged as their careers progress as they get to meet unassailable challenges along the way. The good thing is that SAP Education helps you to understand such challenges and to develop proper solutions to tackle them. As such, you will get to enjoy your job as your SAP skills continually get honed and help you tackle your day to day job challenges. This will ultimately lead to improved job performance and higher job satisfaction.

You Will Be Knowledgeable In Diverse SAP Modules

SAP Education exposes you to different SAP ERP modules that are vital in various organizational processes. You therefore have the freedom to choose a SAP module(s) that closely matches what you are interested in. For example, SAP BI is suitable for guys who enjoy analyzing company data and making vital business decisions while SAP CRM is suitable for guys who live and dream marketing, sales and after sales services.

You Will Be More Proactive To New SAP Module Releases And Changes In Business Practices

Exposure to SAP Education guarantees you faster adaptation to new releases and changes in business practices. The ERP world is constantly changing to match the evolving business environment. SAP Education helps you to anticipate and adapt to new releases of SAP modules and changes in business practices.

It is without a doubt that SAP Education is crucial to those venturing into the SAP world. The combination of business, academic and technical skills in the SAP Education curriculum cannot be obtained purely from on-the-job training. To be an all-rounded SAP consultant with global credibility, it is therefore important to obtain SAP Education.

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