SAP FI-CA Training

SAP FI-CA Training

The term SAP FI-CA stands for Contract accounts receivable and payable. It is module its great importance in most organizations, and that it provides the tools serve the needs of the organization, as it contains a wide range of functions for the management of accounts receivable and payments needed by various industries and projects. These industries include public sector, utilities and telecommunications companies.

The objective of the large companies is to attract the largest number of customers in several ways, and the greater the number of customers, daily operations increased and thus increased its activities, in this current resort to the system and its services help organizations in the management of its daily operations and control of customer management. Thus, the enormous size alone companies which contain a number of clients in the millions and therefore operations reach millions open daily, so resort to SAP FI-CA to address this huge amount of data, because this vast amount of data needs to be a large storage space, so as to store items open and disinfectant and then reduce the critical activities (such as (posting, paying, dunning and returns processing were accelerated).

Documents for SAP FI-CA update, to be published in a total image is divided according to the tasks agreed upon before, and in most of the times and update documents differ on certain topics such as, to amount partner, business partner and contract account, a large summarization, All of this has an impact on the deployment of the total reports to FI-CA.

This topic is one of the topics that included in SAP FI-CA Training:


Special FI-CA total publication is responsible to generate documentation for general ledger accounts, not only the general ledger accounts, but by controlling the functions of the corresponding accounts, where they are the focus of various renovation of control in the general ledger; Can be grouped total SAP FI-CA special publications, according to the principal entity to reconcile their own free will.

This is the best way to reduce the difference between the contract receivables and payables in the general ledger to ensure the completion of the full payment and also from the operation of the bills of documents that can be implemented in the documents FI-CA.

It is thus in a way a sub ledger of FICO. FI-CA, though not a complete sub ledger accounting system, it is always a component of an industry solution or a project solution.

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