SAP FI/CO Training

SAP FI/CO Training

SAP FI/CO - Best SAP CareerOne of the most valuable modules you will ever take on SAP is the SAP FI/CO module [Infographic]. It is considered to be a module to help you through all others and will help you learn what you need to know about the finance part of SAP. This is considered basic training and will help you find a job as a Junior FI/CO consultant. Once you have completed this online SAP FI/CO training course, you will be able to find a job with consultancies on a trainee or junior level and can start your SAP education on other modules.

Why SAP FI/CO is suitable for Accountants?

If you're an accountant and looking to expand and develop your finance career, there are many ways to do so. Once you begin to enhance your skill set, you will find that you have many new opportunities. One of the easiest ways to move forward in your career is to get some extra SAP FI/CO training in an area which is most sought after in the present job market. When you make the decision to delve deep into your chosen new subject matter, employers will value it. The SAP FI/CO module is one of the best courses you can take to nurture your skills. This module is all about the Accounting process of any organization. It offers the best way to manage the bookkeeping of a large organization in the most sophisticated way. As such since as an Accountant you already know the basics of Accounting and how an organization should maintain it's books, this module is most suitable for Accountants like you.

The importance of finance

When you make the decision to improve your career prospects, you are doing the right thing. The financial sector of any business is the most important. That is because it is where people make the most crucial of decisions. There is no better place to be than at the top of the financial department.

About this course

Our excellent SAP FI/CO training course will give you all the information you need to succeed. If you work in the financial sector, this qualification could be the launch pad you need. The course will help you learn the basics when it comes to SAP FI/CO consultancy. If you already understand the world of finance, this training is ideal for you. When you know how to be a consultant, you will find that you have more opportunities than you do now. You can lead CEOs in the right direction when it comes to their budget. That in itself is a valuable skill. Aside from that, the course will teach you about organization, finances and controlling.

What will students learn?

Throughout the course, you will learn a great deal about finance. In fact, this training will give you the basis you need to take on a role as a Junior FI/CO consultant. You will learn about many different areas, such as cost management and budgeting. In theory, you should take these skills and apply them to the firm for which you work.

When you undertake a study program with us, we will help you every step of the way. Our expert team of financial minds have a vast wealth of knowledge that they will use to engage and empower you. When you have completed the course, you should understand how a business can make profit. When you have that unique set of skills, you will find that you have what it takes to become invaluable to any firm. When you apply for a role, you can show people that you are more than a financial expert - you are a leader as well.

Training topics

Of course, before you undertake SAP FI/CO training, you need to know what it entails. There are many different subjects you will cover during the course. In short, the course breaks down into two different elements. When it comes to the financial part of the course, you will learn:

General Ledger
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable

The second part of the course is the controlling aspect of it. That means that you will learn how to run a business profitably by understanding where the costs of a business originates from. The topics you will cover include:

Cost Center
Profit Center
Internal Order

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Tutorial Topics

Enterprise Structure Creation General Ledger Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable Important Reports Other Useful Functions Customizing Reports Advanced General Ledger Advanced Accounts Receivable Advanced Accounts Payable Introduction To Controlling Module Cost Center Accounting Profit Center Accounting Internal Order Accounting Conclusion About Controlling Module Month End and Year End Closing

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