SAP FI/CO Training By Trainer 2

SAP FI/CO Training By Trainer 2

FICO is an abbreviation for "Financial Accounting Controllingâ?? They are divided into two parts, the first part (FI), which is an acronym for financial accounting, financial accounting considered at the present time is the fundamental core of the organization and unity, and the collection and processing of all financial transactions to arrive at the data that is through external reporting. With SAP Company a lot of modules that integrate together to improve the functions and tasks of the company from within these modules and module of financial accounting, which merged with other units in parallel, allowing the company to consolidate operations that may need to, use several software packages.

The second part is CO, short for Controlling, Controlling It is in the process of control in many aspects of the company, and enhance the company's good information that will help in the management decision-making, from within these methods that will help the company to control, facilitate coordination between units of the organization, monitoring and optimization of all processes in the organization, and therefore this requires registration both of the factors of production and consumption of services provided by the organization.

The following topics are included in the course:

Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable:

Organization SAP offers a lot of options to help companies in excellence and take the right decision based on the data analysis, and work plans based on sound data that has been analyzed by the discovery of opportunities etc. From within the SAP offering us is the accounts receivable and accounts payable, through financial accounting (FI). It can deal with these accounts as articles, and these articles are directed to officials SAP System Administrators, Finance and Controlling (FICO) developer and SAP technology Consultants.

SAP FI guide provides evidence initially submitted for accounts receivable and accounts payable in financial accounting. With internal settings drop-help in access and how to implement them with the knowledge of key records, account balances, line items, processes, special general ledger transactions , and sap workflow, etc.

Business transactions:

Business transactions Created accounts and especially the management of these accounts, they put some of the rules for the management of these accounts, such as when you need to account must create a master record, this master record controls of the transactions that have been recorded and handled by the system.

Investment Accounting:

Contribute to decision-making on capital investments, and take capital investments, including several forms of investment in fixed assets and investment in research and development projects. An example of investment in fixed assets, investment in the purchase of homes, and also an example of investment in research and development projects is to invest in continuing education for learners or investment in new markets.

Investment in this form will be expensive at first, because he does not give the results of the near-term, but it shows the advantages over the long term, so it should be considered for those investments after a certain period of time, and therefore also can not deal with such investments which have an accounting purpose or tax.

As previously explained the importance of investing in capital must therefore good planning and knowledge of all the data available on this investment, and processes its own funding so we need to have a investment management (IM) component.

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