SAP FI/CO Training By Trainer 3

SAP FI/CO Training By Trainer 3

FICO is an abbreviation for "Financial Accounting Controllingâ?? They are divided into two parts, the first part (FI), which is an acronym for financial accounting, The second part is CO, short for Controlling, In addition to the services provided by the process control of the organization, the actual events documented process, but with a multiplicity of tasks carried out by the control of the main task is the planning process. And can control the financial flows of the company by creating fur between the actual data of the organization and with the plan, which was developed data. Examples of income data, contribution margin accounting; it is used to control the cost of the expense of the company efficiently, whether in the context of the different areas of the organization or on the basis of the organization as a whole. Accounts that are related to each other in financial accounting controls are arranged in accordance with the kind if the cost of items or revenue, allowing decision makers to find points of difference and points of agreement between the sections of the accounting financial and control.

The following topics are included in the course:

Cost Center Accounting:

Allows you to control and develop a plan for costs that cannot be activated or get the benefit of them on the objects in the investment planning. And also gives you the possibility of transfer of consumption and interest on assets (which is accounted for on a regular basis) for the planning of the initial cost. This happens as a result of integrated planning between the Cost Center Accounting and Asset Accounting.

When implementing the investment plan investments already pre-positioned, it can restrict the consumption or planning for the benefit through enter a flat-rate percentage for each valuation area. Enter this percentage for the expected portion of the planned overall costs that can be activated.

New GL Doc Split:

SAP ECC is in constant evolution of their products to keep up with the changes and challenges faced by other companies. Has introduced a Document Splitting in new GL is the change of a major and significant changes that have entered SAP. This change is to simplify the multiple requirements for the preparation of reports, and enable them to finish faster than customers' operations came. new GL, SAP His job is to be performed by dividing the financial document that do not have values for the division of property items (like Profit Centre) - in the ratio of amount in the offsetting lines that have values for splitting characteristics.

We will review an example to explain what the impact of the change on the organization's performance, for example item supplier in the financial document, if the supplier has no derivative profit center value. Before the introduction of SAP change to new GL, was on business users to migrate both assets (vendors, customers, assets and inventories) to Profit Centre Accounting as part of period end process. But with the addition of change with automated, online function of document splitting in New GL, business users can close their books much faster during the period end.

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