SAP FI/CO Training By Trainer 4

SAP FI/CO Training By Trainer 4

All data related to the cost are automatically moved from the financial accounting department to the Controlling section. When all data transfers are another process in parallel with it, the system is set both the cost and revenue accounts controlled according to their importance. Such as cost centers, business processes, projects and orders.

The following topics are included in the course:

Company Code:

Company Code Must have its own code for each company and this is what the law requires, so the company's code consists of four letters or numeric characters, provided that they are unique, this code reflects that the company is a separate legal entity accounting, as well. Since it is necessary and the quality of the law before it is considered a smaller existing organizational structure in SAP Company; and so abundant range of financial reports (such as Balance Sheet and Profit/Loss Statements). A company code that represents a company made up of several companies.

Provides financial accounting (FI) department in SAP, the possibility of creating special financial reports of a company code; And those interested in these financial reports will be by external parties such as for external auditors, shareholders/Stock exchange commission, tax office, etc.

As we mentioned that SAP provides financial reporting and external purposes, while interested in the business area of internal affairs. And interest in the internal affairs means the company's management; the business area of a detailed view of the various areas of operations in a single company or group of companies. For example, with business areas, SAP can generate financial reports of a specific regional area of a company.

Through the transaction identification company code that has been designated in advance, through two methods, the first method is that the user enters a company code (such as in FI module). The second method from other organizational unit that related to the company code (such as in MM module, company code can be determined from the plant that input by user).

The account group:

There are different concepts for the account group, including the definition of the account group as a set of accounts established based on certain criteria that reflect how to create master records. There is also another concept for the account group, which is a group of settings when you create a general ledger account in the company code and chart of accounts.

The account group identifies two elements, the first element is the number interval, and the second element is the screen layout.

Number interval:

There are standard ways agreed to deliver information from all over the world despite the differences in language, so the number of SAP standard charts of accounts is recommended in most countries. Where are created in terms of account numbers to be the same functional area, which begins in the same numbers.

Screen Layout:

Upon entering the business transactions and processing, accounts within the same functional area, require the same fields to store information, using the account group, you define the fields needed for each functional area and the form needed.

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