SAP FI/CO Training By Trainer 6

SAP FI/CO Training By Trainer 6

SAP in constant development for all its products, and look closely to the requirements of the market to be fully prepared to meet those requirements, so Tom SAP issued numerical products that help organizations to perform a lot of tasks, whether private sales, production or customers, as well as private financial accounts and products. Of the multiple in the field of technology to meet the needs of the institutions versions of SAP, FICO is an acronym to Financial Accounting (FI) and Controlling (CO).

As is evident from the name is divided into two sections, the first section is concerned the financial accounting, and dealing with all the data and daily transactions carried out by the organization. The second part is the control; control the conduct of such data.

The following topics are included in the course:

General Ledger:

The main function of the general ledger accounting is to provide a detailed picture of external accounting and also the external accounts. And also all business transactions (primary postings as well as settlements from internal accounting) recorded in a particular software system, which in turn will be integrated with all operational areas of the company. Also make sure of the accuracy and clarity and also make sure that all accounting data complete.

General ledger account not only meet the legal needs of any organization, but also meets the other recent accounting needs such as Parallel Accounting, Integration of Legal and Management Reporting, Segment Reporting and Cost of Sales Accounting, The general ledger to provide a comprehensive picture of the accounts of the Organization of the organization and the external accounts, and also logs all commercial transactions in the system.

Materials Management:

With the use of SAP ERP, businesses in essence automate the input and output of information across specific sections of their organization. For those concerned about materials management, the SAP MM module is integrated with other modules such as Sales and Distribution (SD), Warehouse Management (WM), Production Planning (PP), Quality Management (QM), Finance (FI) and Controlling (CO) so external and internal aspects are factored into each decision stage. It is therefore imperative that a deep understanding of how these modules work alongside the SAP MM module is fully in place to generate accurate input and output information in a quick and reliable manner. For this reason beginners and even seasoned SAP MM consultants must have a full understanding of SAP financial accounting and SAP warehouse training. The basic aspects of the module it outlined in the next paragraphs.

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