SAP FSCM Training

SAP FSCM Training

SAP goal is to know the needs of the facility and then meet those needs, so it has created FSCM functionality or suite of applications, to manage large companies effectively and efficiently, where Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) applications managing demand management and supply both the cash and cash equivalents. SAP FSCM helps companies better manage their costs and thus improve their performance.

SAP FSCM functions can be used in the main commercial areas as inputs to arrive at a more efficient capital management, such as work, accounts receivable management, and finally the costs of administering the payments. The SAP Net weaver technology has given strength to SAP FSCM functionalities to ensure integrated access inside and outside the organization, as well as applications integrated with SAP ERP Financials.

Because of the changes that occur in the markets, it is necessary to face changes and updates are also in SAP products, to keep pace with these changes so We have been developing FSCM and add other tools as well as the transfer of other tools for other applications to be effective in other applications, from within these departments that have been moved are cash management and treasury management, and although there are some jobs in older versions, but the potential is limited, from the standpoint of jobs to areas other functional potential to be stronger and stronger unlike SAP, which believes that the potential is very limited.

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Biller Direct.

The component SAP Biller Direct It is a new feature has been added to increase the Organization's potential, the electronic presentation of the bills with increased billing processing, where which enables customers with their bills deal through the Internet, this would provide the possibility of payment from anywhere, and add comments and inquiries, which revolve in mind.

It reflects a combination of supported Web of SAP ERP and Interaction Center application, with which you can enable sellers to view all the inquiries of their own, and through from the SAP Biller Direct Buy Side portal. In addition, you can display standardized information there.

Biller Direct provides an online view of a customer's account; this is aimed at two markets.

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