SAP GRC Training

SAP GRC Training

GRC: Governance, Risk, and Compliance, almost always referred to as GRC, is the latest addition to the parade of three-letter acronyms that are used to describe the processes and software that run the business world.

The following topics are included in the course:

Detailed Introduction:

The goal of SAP GRC is to help a company efficiently in the development of all policies and controls in place to address all its compliance obligations, and also at the same time to collect all the information that helps proactively run the business. Done properly, GRC creates a central nervous system that helps you manage your business more effectively. You can also get a competitive advantage by understanding the risks and choosing opportunities wisely. In other words, GRC helps you to make sure you are on the right track: It keeps track of what you are doing and raises an alert when things start to go off track or when risks appear.

SAP GRC is not just about complying with requirements for one quarter or one year. Meaning just about everyone these days, seek to create a system and culture so that compliance with external regulations, enforcement of internal policies, and risk management are automated "In other words, moment by moment" as much as possible and can evolve in an orderly fashion as business and compliance needs change. Thats why some would say that the Compliance "C" in GRC should stand for controls: controls that help make the process of compliance orderly and make process monitoring and improvement easier.

SAP GRC is a management model which promotes standardization, communication and cooperation between different stakeholders in the management and control of the organization.


Risk management:


Process Control:

Process Control is an enterprise software solution in order to comply and policy management. The compliance Management capabilities lie in enabling organizations to manage its internal control environment. This provides the ability in advanced remediate any identified issues, and then certify and report on the overall state of the corresponding compliance activities. The policy management capabilities lie in supporting the management of the overall policy life cycle, including the distribution and attestation of policies by target groups. These combined capabilities help reduce the cost of compliance and improve management transparency and confidence in overall compliance management processes.

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