SAP HANA Administration Training

SAP HANA Administration Training

The SAP HANA Administration Guide is a system that developed by SAP company, has contributed significantly to the development of a system companies and managed well, so it must be understood in a detailed manner, and management HANA is describing the tasks that the company must do, the basic concepts that it is important to know and try to implement it to ensure continuous work without interruption to SAP HANA.

The following topics are included in SAP HANA Administration Training:

Database Backup:

Database backups are essential for data safety. Therefore, perform complete data backups and/or storage snapshots and use the automatic log backup function. There are different methods and tools available to perform backups.

While save points and log writing protect your data against system failures, this does not help if the persistent storage itself is damaged or if a logical error occurs.

A combination of complete data backups, automatic log backups and snapshots provides the best solution for data safety. You can thus combine the advantages of each concept in order to achieve maximum data safety.

All backups are checked automatically while being performed, and are recorded in the backup catalog. The longer the data backup lasts, the longer the validation of the backup and the subsequent entry of the backup in the backup catalog will take.

No downtime is required for any backups or storage snapshots, as backups and snapshots are performed while the database is online, and all services are running. This means that the database is available to users during backups, and that the impact on system performance is negligible.

The Predictive Analytics:

SAP Predictive Analysis is a complete data discovery, visualization, and predictive analytics solution designed to extend your current analytics capability and skill set, regardless of your history with BI. Itâ??s an intuitive, code-free experience with enough power to conduct sophisticated analysis using Big Data, yet simple enough to conduct forward-looking analysis using departmental data from Excel.

SAP allows a lot of analysis that helps both the organization and the user to reach the desired goals. Among these analyzes, predictive analysis, and the advantage of this analysis, the development of forecasts and plans based on well-researched information. So predictive models used to allow users to comparison between the past situation and trends are expected to be in demand, this is based on the understanding of the history of sales, costs and other metrics. It is the analysis of previous information and understanding in a good way, it is easy to forecast the future performance of the company and trends, and also open up new opportunities to reach the goals that have already been developed and therefore faster.

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