SAP HR Training

SAP HR Training

The Organization SAP offers a range of solutions and ideas to meet the needs of organizations both in the submission of the customer relationship management solutions, or solutions on materials management or sales management, so it had to be SAP provide special solutions employed staff within the facility, so it made SAP HR component, The aim of the focus on human resources is to enable companies to process data concerning workers have according to the requirements of the job.

The following topics are included in SAP HR Training:
1) Organization Structure.
2) Attendances Info type.

Organization Structure:

Any company needs to organizational structure of the organization and management of its business operations, and also to write contracts and actions with other partners; and also to determine the non-direct participants.
So it was on the SAP offer solutions to resolve such problems, so provided the organizational structure to solve this problem, you must select one organizational structure, at least for positions related to the employee committee and a partner holding Committee. Therefore requires incentives and management body of the organizational structure of such business.

Attendances Info type:

The strength of The Human Resources module in the set of data Organization and combined together are called info types, It is a set of records that contain a huge amount of data associated with each other, which usually consists of a series of four letters, and could undertake a comprehensive evaluation of retrospective data on all employees working in the company.
Among the main problems of interest to the unity of the human resources is the presence of staff to the company, and can be times of attendance record to the company in different ways, so there is in the unity of human resources tool called Attendances Info type which purpose is to find out the planned arrival of each employee with the company. Staff attendance could have different connotations, but relying on this function depends on how the record attendance times for staff employees of the company. It can also be used as a separate audience, which aims to record attendance, which has a separate and different meaning.

Although there are different types to prove the presence of the staff for their companies, but it is possible to assemble a certain set of attendance by certain rules that you want to handle it the same way when recording in terms of evaluation.

Can be a lot of controls on the subject of attendance status, so as to implement it in a way through which you can access the required solutions for the treatment of the problem of the presence of workers organization staff, so you can put different controls on each type of presence, for ease of data entry and handle them and also to avoid errors. Through the settings you make when you customize each to attend a specific task, An example of this error message when you prove the presence of a specific employee within a period of his presence and his departure date, and this day is a holiday for circulates employee.

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