SAP HR Training By Trainer 2

SAP HR Training By Trainer 2

Management consulting has many aspects to provide opportunities for companies to improve their operations, including human resources consulting who cares about human resources and related management continents. Consult human resources provide a lot of possibilities that would help the organization in many operations example, is considered responsible for helping clients in mergers and effective human resources strategy and programs with their daily operations.

All that matters is customer satisfaction, through attention to the client on human resources performance through the introduction of new products will satisfy all tastes, and improve marketing methods to attract new clients, through attention to after-sales services, so as to provide feedback regular customers regarding the performance of their business. Here comes the role of human resources consultant where an assessment of the needs of customers and review and make recommendations and proposals to implement the plan properly. As well as the coordination between the various functions of the team work of the human resources in order to assist the client in the development and implementation of the desired plan implementation.

The following topics are included in the course:


Because of the problems facing most businesses today in time management, cost and also to satisfy customers, makes inevitable the use of ESS / MSS, which is the introduction of SAP solutions company which stands for employee self-service (ESS), Manager self-service (MSS).

Where it gives an opportunity for independence managers and staff, allowing enough time for human resources to make more effort in the development of human resource strategies; Resulting in the reduction of overhead and administrative costs and also save a lot of ad hoc response to user requests the time, and this in turn leads to customer satisfaction and thus access to the desired goals.

Organizational Management (OM):

Is an organizational plan to help staff the company to do their jobs due to the large business and processes for human resources that are supposed to do is the size, and are considered organizational management is one of the products SAP company, where he is clearly a revolution for the past company and its operations the past, and also provides image comprehensive and detailed information about the present and the future, This knowledge allows the company to be prepared for the changes that could occur to the market and to prepare for the needs of human resources.

Organizational management, like any other administration should arise on certain controls and rules to facilitate the deal, some of these controls must be managed in a centralized manner, and some of which are not required by, for example, controls that require to be administered in a centralized manner, organizational structures and reporting.

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