SAP IS Utilities Training

SAP IS Utilities Training

The SAP Utilities (IS-U) component is a system of SAP development organization, a special sales and information system, which is supporting all business and providing service to all Utility companies. It can be used for the management and billing of residential, commercial and industrial services to current and potential clients. And also provides this service from other customer management clients who receive services and making purchases and paying bills and also pay taxes follow-up sense.

The following topics are included in SAP IS Utilities Training:

Meter Reading Order:

This is a component part of the tools available to SAP IS UTILITIES, where it can create a system in which we can read through the counters of all available records. This system contains a specific recording of data and information on the counter, which was planning to read it already read. For example: the meter reader and the scheduled meter reading date.

And is available from this tool used in many types of meter reading and determine dates scheduled. This tool is flexible enabling you to read override the planned meter type, and choose another type of meter reading. For example, you can create the meter reader is instead of creating a special meter reader particular client and can also be scheduled to read the meter manually and it periodically.


Dynamic Scheduling allows users to read the meter on the basis of a private reading cycle specific company or agent on the calendar. The goal is to get the same readings of a meter in each working day. Scheduling dynamics based on a monthly basis, which reads the counters on a monthly basis, but if required meter reading more than a month for a period, it requires a combination of dynamic scheduling and budget billing plan.

Master Data:

Since SAP is trying to keep up with the changes that occur in the market, so it is developing systems that help this component that we're talking about, namely SAP IS-U, was developed its own tools such as Master data templates (MDTs) and the master data generator (MDG), So as to create the master data automatically. To provide such services must be created for each new data object from the data model or change existing data.

The data input in all areas that have an impact individually is a difficult task because it is a long and complex task at the same time. So it can deal with such business transactions through SAP IS UTILITIES

Can complete this process faster and through the use of application templates, as it allocates fixed values for the fields in a particular object, and which can reduce the use of both of them fields separately. The system determines the fixed values from the context or type of utility service.

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