SAP MM Training By Trainer 3

SAP MM Training By Trainer 3

SAP is the abbreviated term for Systems, Applications, and Products. From the shortcut is clear that the attention of SAP first exclusively on the company's systems and how to deal with it and manage it well positioned to meet the challenges facing the company, and then the applications that will be downloaded to systems for dealing with these systems, so applications are considered is one of the ways to manage systems, and finally the product, which is the last step, Product industry obtain customer satisfaction and be able to face the rest of the rest of the products offered by other companies.

SAP has developed a set of programs that will accurately facility management and take advantage of all the opportunities available information and has launched SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) on these programs name. This program consists of a set of modules that will be the main goal is customer satisfaction and make the most of the opportunities available. It also allows full control over the daily operations of the facility to reach the desired results.

Among these units, a unit called the SAP MM (Materials Management), which is specialized procurement undertaken by the company and also the inventory that exists in the organization. And which can control a lot of information about purchases and inventory.

The following topics are included in the course:

Material Master Records:

As mentioned before, the module of materials management is a specialized procurement and inventory products, all data procurement or inventory or another all the data on Materials found in this module where data is recorded in a data record in the material master, the data is recorded by specific criteria by the system.

These Material Master Records have to deal with the conditions, where the user can deal with it and access it and the amendment, but within the limits, and not allowed modification in all the data where no data is allowed to modification by the user, such as administrative data is updated, and sales receipts or goods issues are posted. And this data is adjusted by the system so as to minimize the mistakes that could have a significant impact on the company's performance.

With the large size of the organization, with multiple sections, including the SAP provides centralized information so that they are available to all employees of the company. Consequently, the share of all departments in dealing with the data recorded in the material master record, despite the differences in the purposes that they want the information to them.

Maintaining the Source List:

Provides SAP a lot of systems and applications to help companies and within these systems is a Materials Management, which specializes in the management of the company's materials, and contains many components, including the maintenance of the list of the source where they can keep the source list of the sources of individual substances records as follows: (Manual maintenance and Maintenance from within an outline agreement), Manual maintenance: Manual maintenance typically used when required is to bring about tremendous changes to the input already existing or new entries in the list of source. Maintenance from within an outline agreement: Can through the maintenance of an agreement within the scheme, relying on the outline agreement item in the list of source and so when you do the process of establishing the outline of an agreement or do change the outline agreement.

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