SAP PP Training

SAP PP Training

And a system that has SAP provide to companies to manage their operations is the planning and production system, as is evident from the Module name, it is divided into two parts, the first, is planning is divided into two materials planning and planning absorptive capacity, and planning materials can be long-term or short term. The second part is the production, it includes the creation of production orders, scheduling, confirmations, and goods movements. Most of the processes that have been mentioned result in Hull km of data need to be stored in an orderly manner and upon execution also generated more operations.

The following topics are included in SAP PP Training:

Material Master Definition:

The material master Stores them all the information available on all materials related to the company, whether materials were purchased materials have been produced and stored materials in company; The material master which means that he is considered the data relating to the company's materials center.

On the advantages are of non-repetition, because it is the data is stored in a single database, is used to data stored in the material master In inventory management, purchasing management, resource planning and finally confirm the bills.

Where it is available for procurement management ability to make requests for materials that do not carry their own master record; these materials are usually materials are purchased once and are not repeated. These materials do not have to Stay can be described for a way texts, and it is set in a range of materials, both of which are registered in purchase orders; Where it is not stockpiling as when handed over, the launch of consumption.

Warehouse Management WM:

The process of integration between the warehouse management system and the Production Control of the application component Production Planning (WM-PP interface) Confirmed the arrival of materials directly to the display-producing areas of the warehouse, where the production factor of request materials they want through a graphical interface manually, here comes the role of the warehouse management system to ensure the presence of these substances in the same time that the worker requested.

Featuring interface Warehouse Management Own planning and production module modernization of production orders during the processing of starting material, and can be added also the subsequent changes that occur to the production order; Through the use of quality to carry out inspections and inspection management plans so efficiently; by storing standard inspection transactions and inspection specifications.

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