SAP Quality Management Training

SAP Quality Management Training

SAP has contributed to the development of the performance of organizations through several axes, both in customer relationship management, or through materials management. Among these themes, quality management hub, where this administration increases the effectiveness of the companies' performance to meet the ongoing challenges and changes that are offset. Through the implementation of quality management can be the most important elements in SAP quality management.

In order to perform at full quality management tasks should be directed to integration and cooperation with all other components of the SAP system applications such as Materials Management (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD), and Production Planning (PP). And quality management, which has the active role tasks to meet the challenges that correspond to the organization, as the quality management system supports all functions relating to the examination quality, quality planning And quality control. And it also controls the creation of quality certification and management problems with the help of quality notifications.

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Data Quality Management:

The latest version of the data quality management program issued by the SAP Company, offers the possibility of data in the analysis of the organization, and cleared of any faults, and compatibility with each other and that applies to all types of data; and to ensure access to accurate and complete information in any part of parts of the organization. When data quality management dependence on Web services, this integration allows the use of data across a wide range of platforms and data bases.

To the success of any project carried out by the organization or to the success of any decision by the decision-makers, depends in the first and in the other available information, whether these decisions about sales or customer, it requires information about customers or sales, respectively. So it's best to be cautious when selecting information and do several operations on them to make sure they are valid for this task.

Therefore initiative is in data management planning very carefully is important, to ensure the success of the enterprise information management (EIM) program, This is not the requirement applies to data quality management is can be applied, for example, both of a business intelligence (BI) or data warehousing project, a new implementation of a customer relationship management system, or a data migration project.

And management of data quality includes a lot of concepts to gain access to accurate and reliable data in decision-making, so it is surrounded by a frame of concepts that include includes the measurement, analysis, cleansing, enhancement, matching, and consolidation of data. Through the latest version, which has launched SAP company to manage data quality can be used in many different types of applications, platforms, and databases, third-party, or proprietary solutions.

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