SAP SD Training By Trainer 2

SAP SD Training By Trainer 2

This is a unit within the task units in the SAP system, where she specializes in the sale of products, shipping the products and access to the client, and the collection of bills related to those products. Whether these products were concrete or just services provided by the organization.

The following topics are included in the course:

Pre-sales activities:

Whether the company's activities or to sell me a service, to ensure that your product or service to the customer requires measures to be implemented before the sale. There are therefore pre-sales activities and is working in three key areas namely, the first special operations inquiries, Special Operations quotations, finally private contracts operations.

First: special operations queries: when a client to enter an order, the role and function of inquiries which comes to make sure that this demand is only to provide quotations for the order or to store this request electronically. Second, the function of quotations: is a statement submitted to the client for the delivery of a particular product or service in accordance with the agreed terms, and all this according to bind legally. Third: Hold Quantity: is an agreement between the customer and the company handed over a specific product or service according to a specific time period. The contract includes a basic fundamental quantities and price but there is no timetable for the delivery of that amount.

Sales Order processing:

Sales Order is an electronic document that records the needs and orders of Customers, whether these orders products or services. It serves as a special order any reference to the information, as it contains all the information related to an order a customer through the entire process cycle. It also lets the customer enter the numerical order of items in the sale and one through a single screen.

The contents of the orders come automatically records either major or through the tables have been confirmed the validity of the information in advance, because it orders operations cannot be done mistakes inputs, and the lack of data redundancy.


Among the important activities in any organization is the transportation and supply chain which ensures the delivery of products or services in accordance with certain standards, and transportation and supply chain components, is shipping: who is responsible for customer service in the delivery of the products after the confirmation request to the organization, and make sure to put a distribution plan according to established criteria.

Shipping the processing involves Center for the issuance of all decisions delivery procedures, which are placed in the first charging process, including taking into account the general business agreements with customers, recording Orders pertaining somewhat special materials, and finally set the terms of the charging process in order sales; after you follow these steps, the shipping process, mechanism and effective process to a large extent, the existence of exceptions to be minimalistic, where any are added manually under certain conditions and under certain circumstances.

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