SAP Security Training

SAP Security Training

SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing) is an example of ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) software. An ERP system is a computer building on a system for the management of resources available to the organization, both of these resources your organization's internal or external. Available and has a lot of ingredients that help in the control of business operations like procurement, sales, accounting, and human resources.

Including the SAP provide a lot of solutions to the development of corporate governance and to facilitate daily operations, it is essential that the special protection of the data that you have stored and operations carried out by the organization system availability. Therefore secure SAP provides protection on all transactions by addressing foreign attacks, and also protects your information assets. The main function centered on the important information that the organization and expertise to develop a safe program for the company, to help ensure the security and privacy of your business in a networked economy.

The following topics are included in SAP Security Training:

Role Maintenance:

SAP system has several roles, and each role different mission, where you must carry out maintenance of roles, when these roles are in the standard display or the system requirements create new roles. Numerical and roles that exist in the system, which is considered one of the components to make sure to use the system Delivery of the role of the user in accordance with the standard specifications; the administrator on the administrative system selects transactions, menu paths (in the SAP menu) or area menus, in the role maintenance (transaction PFCG).

Of powers that can bypass the system administrator that, is to create a tree especially for user group; and that the corresponding user menu that appears when the user to assign a specific role in certain records in the SAP system. Profile Generator generates the required permits for specific functions and so automatically. Some of these functions have a default value, and traffic signals are helping the user to view any of the following values need to be maintained.

ECC Security:

With the growing technology and means of communication in the world, customer interaction and businesses with increased, and this was the reason for the entry of such technology to the business sector and because of the use of distributed on different areas and Internet usage systems for business data management. This was one of the main reasons to go to the security that ensures the confidentiality of such information and not impenetrable. Therefore, SAP has provided this security tool to provide maximum protection for organizations to keep their information. So with available by SAP security system, you must make sure that the data and processes for the client and which corresponds to their needs, be handled very carefully, where they are not allowed access to this data for their non-authorized, and to reduce the User errors, negligence, or attempted manipulation of your system, These security requirements apply equally to SAP ERP Central Component.

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