SAP SRM Training

SAP SRM Training

SAP has issued several modules, to meet the needs of organizations and their aid in the management of daily operations and related, and within these modules: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply chain management (SCM), Management concerning the sale and distribution (SD), And Supplier relationship management (SRM) and so on. As the customer relationship management (CRM) cares for the customers, SAP SRM (suppliers relationship management) cares for the suppliers, as they follow a comprehensive approach to the management and the entire organization's dealings with other organizations that supply services and goods used in the operations of them.

Thus, the goal of supplier relationships management is to simplify operations and make it more effective between the institution and its suppliers.

The following topics are included in SAP SRM Training:

Organization Structure:

Be total dependence on the hierarchy of the end users to manage supplier relationships, to perform their daily operations structure of the organization. There are three types of hierarchies maintained in SRM: (SRM Organization Hierarchy, Vendor Organization Hierarchy and Purchasing Organization Hierarchy).

Each of the structures that have been mentioned an active role in improving the performance of the organization, Such as the Vendor Organization, That is to maintain a copy of itâ??s of Business Partners from ERP Central Component (ECC) to SRM.

The functions of many organizational structures, where the organizational structure uses the Business Workflow of any of the agents will be responsible for the approval of the documents and this is happening in most cases. Organization structure is also used by the self-transaction services in order to create the master records for the user. Purchase Organizations and Purchasing Groups are determined by organizational structures and when creating shopping carts. Attributes of the users which are required for creating application documents in SRM are set up in Org structure.

Procurement Exchange:

Procurement Exchange was not developed as an exclusive tool for the principal entity in isolation. It was developed equally as an important tool for supplier organizations.

The Procurement Exchange designers over a number years realized when designing this solution that this e-procurement initiative had to be collaborative to ensure best practice procurement principles were addressed when applying new technology to previously fragmented, decentralized and old methods of carrying out "project procurement".

Procurement Exchange applies SRM fundamentals such as discipline and rigor specific to interactions and business processes between supplier organizations and the principal.

Procurement Exchange strategically: Concerned with the implementation of the processes that have been planned, and to identify those processes before, and also verify the validity of these operations, and begin sharing procurement strategy through the first deal between the organization and the supplier, before recording capital projects.

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